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Graphic Design / Web Development / Video Production

We love to design, but we also love to play

We live in a world today where people often make things far more complicated than they need be. Each month we explore the world through the lens of On-Target Design by looking at people, places, products, brands and stories.

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How Much Does Color Play a Role in Your Logo?

8th November 2013 By Nate Strine

The Brand Color Swap

How much does color really play a role in a logo or brand?  Well- quite a bit.  Seeing a brand that you’ve seen in a certain color your entire life suddenly change is pretty interesting.  In some instances it seems we recognize color for these brands over their typography or graphic elements.

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10 Years! New Brand, New Office

13th August 2013 By Web Admin

Wow!  Time certainly flies.  It seems like yesterday when I was sketching a logo for On-Target Design in my apartment in Grandview.  What better time than 10 years later to give On-Target Design a fresh look with a new brand and a “brand” new office.
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Video Production

14th April 2013 By Web Admin

We’ve been doing video production since the beginning! It’s amazing how it’s changed the past 10 years…from the equipment to the way we use and share video. Whether it’s a 3-day production of a capital campaign documentary video or a couple hour shoot for a web intro video, we know the ins and outs to make this happen.

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