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Graphic Design / Web Development / Video Production


On-Target Design is an Interactive Web, Graphic Design, Branding and Emmy-Nominated Video Production Studio based in New Albany, Ohio. We focus on designing and developing websites, brands, and videos for corporations, small businesses, churches and schools. Our clients are all unique so we make sure each receive the individual attention they deserve.

We love to design, but we also love to play

We live in a world today where people often make things far more complicated than they need be. Each month we explore the world through the lens of On-Target Design by looking at people, places, products, brands and stories.

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21st April 2015 By Austin Sullivan

On April 21st, Google is expanding its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. They call this significant algorithm change “Mobilegeddon”. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide. It will have a significant impact in our search results. The benefits for users here is they would get relevant and high quality search results for websites that are optimized for viewing in mobile devices.

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Flat Design: A Trend Prompted by Demand

25th April 2014 By Austin Sullivan


Everybody knows that trends appear to be in a rotation of perpetual motion. In this technological world, designers are constantly looking for a new theory and concept for web design development. Since most trends are usually part of a larger routine, they continuously mark a switch as per population preferences.

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How Much Does Color Play a Role in Your Logo?

8th November 2013 By Nate Strine

The Brand Color Swap

How much does color really play a role in a logo or brand?  Well- quite a bit.  Seeing a brand that you’ve seen in a certain color your entire life suddenly change is pretty interesting.  In some instances it seems we recognize color for these brands over their typography or graphic elements.

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