Who We Are


On-Target Design is an Interactive Web, Graphic Design, Branding and Emmy Winning Video Production Studio based in New Albany, Ohio. We focus on designing and developing websites, brands, and videos for corporations, small businesses, churches and schools not only in Columbus, but all over the country. Our clients are all unique so we make sure each receive the individual attention they deserve.


We’re more than an Emmy-winning design and video production firm.  We’re a group of like-minded friends as intent on creating the best product possible in an uncommonly enjoyable environment.  Bottom line – your project will never get lost in a corporate gang of nameless designers and account managers…like it or not, we’ll probably become your friends.


But don’t let our laid-back studio environment fool you. We may have fun, but we also have fresh ideas and expertise to back it up.  Our experienced staff of artists, designers, coders, photographers, and videographers can do it all.  We avoid office politics by avoiding fancy titles and structured job descriptions.  Our coders can design.  Our designers can operate a camera.  We realize every project is unique and we create a plan unique to your project.  Whether you’re updating your logo, taking your business in a new direction or are just starting out, OTD will cater to your unique creative needs.  No matter what the creative project may be, we begin by doing our homework, analyzing how the public views your brand, and most importantly, listening to the foremost expert on your project needs…YOU.


Our broad array of services and innovative marketing materials have helped a variety of businesses connect with their clients as well as other businesses. In addition to business-to-business and business-to-client projects, OTD is proud to work with many schools, non-profits, and other mission-driven, community-based organizations.  We strive to create profile-elevating design while helping to create a better world to live in.


Chad Ronske